La Nordica Extraflame

Born in 1967, the group has faced in recent years a demanding increase in the range going from simple stoves evolved and diversified products with high technological content, suitable for all tastes and needs.
Let's talk about Wood stoves and pellet, modern, classic and rustic stove with oven, Wood Kitchens, Fireplaces, Boilers, and further the possibility of them becoming real mini-heating (Thermoproducts) connected with the system of radiators in the apartment. All products are at the forefront of compliance with emission regulations and are CE certified, with the addition of international certifications even more restrictive than the Italian ones.

LA NORDICA S.p.A. Leading company in the field of heating with wood has always stood for the active search for new solutions, in response to the increasingly specific and demanding needs of the market. The wide range of products, available in different types and collections that range from classic to rustic, to the most modern trends, attention to detail and constant high quality, they are the most tangible expression.
The Nordica's in the "Global Market" all the best "Made in Italy" quality materials, precision machining, great attention to design.
The customer service and commitment to the training of installers and retail outlets across the board and is continuously through training and updating on new technologies and new systems.
It 'a cultural and generational, even for the dealer: a new ecological thinking for a well-heated, economic and reliable products, eco-friendly, with a strict commitment to reducing emissions.

EXTRAFLAME S.p.A. Recently, through a new industrial division dedicated to the development of technology related to solar thermal panels, has an integrated "System Technology" optimized for the autonomy of home heating and hot water, as an alternative to traditional supply Gas and Diesel.
Cast iron. La Nordica uses the best iron for the production of its products. Thanks to the high coefficient of thermal voltage that allows to maintain the forms, cast iron is the perfect material for stoves: heat-resistant and shock, likely to dissipate heat diffusing long in the environment.
Steel. For products Nordica is used a special steel, both for the structural elements of high thickness, both for some braziers where the high temperatures require a material with very high thermal resistance and durability to ensure the best performance.
Ceramic glass. Highest quality and safety are the advantages of ceramic plates that push the Nordic to continue to invest in the use of this material. Compared to normal glass the glass-ceramic has a coefficient of thermal expansion near zero making it an indispensable material for special shapes, angled, curved or even three-dimensional.
Ironker. For the realization of refractory The Nordica has deposited the Ironker a special material that thanks to its resistance allows to reach very high combustion temperatures.
The ironker provides safe use, easy maintenance and long life. It 'also an indicator of good operation since the maintenance of the light color indicates a correct use of the device.
Maiolica. It 'an artisan product, needs 2 weeks of work, first quality which guarantees an excellent build-up of heat dissipated with continuity and consistency. The long processing cycle to obtain a good majolica, while making use of new technological supports, must be performed by hand. The result is that each piece of majolica is a beautiful piece, unique, unrepeatable and characteristics that may be found on each individual earthenware such as cracks, punctuation and shadows are your warranty.
The Department of Research and Development La Nordica-Extraflame is constantly striving to develop, test and improve the performance of the devices, constantly updating development methodologies and operational structure. Among the various technological features we mention one in all, the GPRS module. The module allows you to turn on and off and adjust the product remotely via SMS with your mobile phone.



The Halls Lelio SpA is today one of the leading companies in Europe and the world in the field of domestic heating woody biomass (wood and pellets).
The company was founded in 1954 in Porcia (PN) with the production of cement to the interior, to which was added a few years after the industrial processing of marble for flooring and wall coverings.

At the beginning of the 70s begins the first Italian production of prefabricated fireplaces and barbecues complete, made with systems for industrial processing, to meet aesthetic and functional requirements, simple installation.
In subsequent years, started the production of stoves and wood-burning fireplaces and pellet, as a result of the built-in kitchens.

These innovative products are developed in accordance with the highest technological standards and respect for the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious European Institutes and associations to protect consumers and the environment. 
Palazzetti products are approved according to the EU regulations on emissions and yields, mandatory at European level since June 2006.


We invest every year significant human and economic resources in research and development, create new technologies and refine existing ones, launch projects to optimize fuel efficiency and further reduce harmful gas emissions.

To give warmth to every environment by designing systems that respect the ecosystem is our "Mission" .

In practical terms, this is achieved in high performance products that are able to guarantee particularly high performance combustion, that is, with high performance and low emissions in the atmosphere.

So the shape of the fireplace, the study of the combustion air flow and the exhaust fumes, the use of certain materials, the double combustion system, the development of O2Ring, are just some of the technological advances we adopt to make products green .

In addition, for an even greener future, we have signed a voluntary agreement with the Minister of the Environment:

our project started with the carbon footprint analysis of the production cycle.

The new Palazzetti pellet stoves are certified Clean Air (see video) with a very high efficiency.

An innovative pellet starburst system allows you to optimize yield by breaking the longer pieces.

Technological and comfort management with PPT that provides constant control of all operating parameters.

Newly designed, fully redesigned GIROFUME system keeps it clean and reduces extraordinary maintenance.

The floating brazier ensures that all ashes fall directly and exclusively into the drawer.

Smoke extractor with reinforced elbow, without any welding or junction.

Adjustable glass cleaning deflectors.


Ever since we decided to focus on design, quality and Italian design, keeping all the work in our national headquarters. Producing in Italy means to assure our customers the highest quality standards and constant, daily verified. It means to enhance our workforce, an irreplaceable heritage of culture, experience, passion and continuity.

All our products are tested and certified according to the most stringent international standards. Brand exposure and the number of certification guarantees that the product purchased has been checked and approved in accordance with the quality standards more stringent.

In practical terms this translates into high performance products that guarantee a combustion performs particularly well in time, that is, with high efficiency and low emissions.

So the shape of the hearth, the study of the path of combustion air and exhaust fumes, the use of certain materials, the dual-combustion system, the development of O2Ring, are just some of the technological devices we use to make products green.

In addition, for an even greener future, we signed a voluntary agreement with the Minister of the Environment:

our project started with an analysis of the carbon footprint of the production cycle.