Isabel 12 US

Isabel 12 US

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All the stoves in the palaces have been tested and certified by the most important European institutes, and thanks to their performance they can enjoy state incentives. Ecofire Isabel Us Upper Smoke consists of having the smoke outlet in the upper central part of the stove, from the top. The Isabel US stove reduces the installation space from the wall. Rounded painted steel cladding with cast iron top. Pellet stove with upper fume outlet TECHNICAL FEATURES Dimensions LxWxH -Cm 59x61x120 weight kg.180 Global thermal power Kw 12.3 Average yield 90% Autonomy max 20 hours Tank capacity Kg 16 Pellet hour consumption Kg / h 0.8 ÷ 2.8 Rear fumes outlet ø 8 cm Energy efficiency class A +

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The Isabel US Upper Smoke stoves consist of having the smoke outlet in the upper central part of the stove, as a top.
Greater installation flexibility and space recovery:
The stove can be installed close to the wall (always observing the distance from combustible materials) and thus occupy less space.
Savings on the Fumario plant:
The fumes outlet pipe starts already at a certain height, therefore the meters of pipe to be purchased are reduced, moreover the inspection tee fitting is already integrated in the stove, thus avoiding the purchase
Greater efficiency
The stoves with hermetic technology exploit the upper smoke outlet also for the comburent air inlet, by mounting a single coaxial pipe.
In this way, the combustion air does not enter the cold combustion chamber, but is preheated during the entry path, exploiting the heat exchange of the outgoing fumes.


Quick start system (reduces ignition times);
Pellet loading star system;
High thickness cast iron brazier;
Connection Box arrangement;
Rounded painted steel cladding with cast iron top.
Large ash collection drawer and Speedy Clean system;
Door with Balanced Door system;
Fan with multi-speed adjustment using Zero Speed Fan technology (excludes ventilation by increasing acoustic comfort and favoring the spread of natural heat;
Front hot air outlet;
Digital panel with touch control



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Isabel US is a rounded shape stove, it has a painted steel cladding with a cast iron top. Upper or rear smoke outlet (Upper Smoke Techology). High efficiency smoke tube heat exchanger with tapered combustion chamber.

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