Ecofire Ginger 9 Kw Channeled

Ecofire Ginger 9 Kw Channeled

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Dimensions mm. 953 x 1150 x 320 thickness Weight kg. 160 Flue gas outlet diameter: 80 mm Nominal thermal power 11.93 Kw Efficiency 91.2% Hourly consumption: 0.618 - 2.61 kg / h Tank capacity approx. 23 kg Hearth: High thickness cast iron

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Ecofire Ginger Kw 9 Ductable
Canalised stove with reduced thickness (cm32.3) allows it to be installed in any type of environment, even flush with the wall
Sewer through 1 120 mm rear outlet.
Coating in painted steel and glass, forced ventilation and a thick cast iron firebox.
Automatic door opening system. Door with ceramic glass and self-cleaning system.
Digital display for managing settings and operating parameters.
Digital programmer for managing time slots.
Connection Box for the management and control of the stove through mobile device since 2016 is an optional
Rear or upper smoke outlet.


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Ecofire Ginger Kw black Ducted Palazzetti

Code Ecofire Ginger Kw Nera Canalizzata Palazzetti

Black steel and glass cover

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Color: black

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